Wireless Charging for the iphone

Why we love our phoneslightning cable for iphone

We all love our phones, where would we be without them. Years ago they were considered a luxury item but not anymore. And as the years go by they become even more crucial to our day to day lives.

As the screen size has increased and gotten better, so the need for other devices such as home PCs and tablets has diminished.

Cloud services too, where all your data is stored somewhere on the internet, have made the phone less of a risk because your personal data is not stored on it. Losing your cell phone is not as traumatic as it used to be. Your data is stored safely and instant available, whether you happen to be.

Of course the cloud brings it’s only security risks and hacking issues. But the security aspect gets better all the time and I would expect this to get even better as time goes by.

All phone models now are just so good it’s getting hard to justify buying a new model just to upgrade from the previous model. The costs are high and the benefits quite small.

Either wait for the second or third generation from your current model or until your phone is wearing out or damaged in some way.

The iphone needs a wireless charger

Features we really like on the current phones are cameras, which are just so good these days. Wireless charging, not available on the iPhone but you rectify that by going to this site wirelesschargerforiphone.com And waterproof features, can’t quite go scuba diving with one of these but dropping the phone into a bucket of water is no longer a problem.

So what of the future? How will manufacturers tempt us to part with the best part of $1000 for the latest model. It gets harder and harder and Chinese manufactures are not far behind the leaders but at much lower

5G network connectivity diagramThe 5G revolution

Well 5g is coming soon and it’s going to be a seismic change, on the network front. 5g promises to be an order of magnitude above the current network offerings. Extremely fast downloads and no waiting for things. Want to watch a video? Just hit play and it starts streaming immediately, no delays.

But incredibly the number of devices 5g can handle simultaneously, compared to the current 4g network is immense, one million devices per square mile.

This sort of network technology will make the driverless car more of a reality. Future cars will contain phone Sims and talk to each other as they travel along. Knowing instantly what others cars are about to do. All this will make traveling by road much safer as well but this is for the future. But it’s coming

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