Water Softeners for the Home

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Water is something we use every day around the house. It’s always there and we tend to take it for granted. Water is probably one of the most important natural resources we have and use in our daily lives.

Our houses, our apartments will usually have an already installed water supply. Turn on the tap, it works, rarely goes wrong. In fact we only notice it when something does go wrong but thankfully that’s not too often.

One of the problems with water, in many states, is the water quality. And by water quality we mean hard water, most of the county’s water is hard and we all know the problems with hard water?

tap caked in limescaleHard Water

Hard water is just a natural consequence of its journey before it gets to us. As it travels underground, along porous rocks, it picks up salts of mainly those containing calcium and magnesium. It’s these dissolved salts that make our water hard.

Where we notice it most is in the white deposits that build up around taps, in kettles. Eventually taps seize up as the limescale works its way into the threaded portion and locks the tap into position, like glue. The problem is worse with hot water as the salts leach out of the water more readily. But the same thing happens with cold water as well.

mixer tap in pristene conditionSoft Water

Contrast this to soft water. Soft water, by contrast feels wetter and feels much better against our skin, it’s better for our skin too. When you wash with soft water, the water lathers easier, so you use less soap, less cleaning products. So ultimately, it’s cheaper for you.

But best of all, no more limescale. Which means no more unsightly limescale deposits. And no more products and treatments, to clean and keep the limescale at bay.

That’s great but what if you live in a hard water area? Well there’s hope. Products are available that treat the water as the supply enters the building. This means the water that enters your house is hard but the water that’s in your house is soft.

These devices are quite small and so can be installed discreetly. You can find a great range here at http://wholehousewatersoftener.org Think of these products as an investment. They’ll pay you back in the long term by not having blocked pipes or unusable taps.

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