Shona Sculpture from Victoria Falls

Victoria FallsNatural Wonder

On a trip to Zimbabwe, recently, to see the great Victoria Falls in the middle of the African jungle. We fell in love. Not with each other, we were already in love.

Victoria Falls town is beautiful, lovely friendly people, gorgeous hotels. Not a bit like the one might imagine. Victoria Falls now has it’s own international airport, just opened, and that’s how we first arrived.

Victoria Falls HotelVictoia Falls Hotel

As this was a special anniversary we stayed at the Victoria Falls hotel an old world, Victorian hotel beautifully preserved which transports you back in time to the old British Empire days. And as it was probably the first hotel to be built it has the most spectacular views. The falls can’t actually be seen but the spray from the millions of tons of water going over it looks like smoke from a magical fire, that never goes out.

Victoria Falls is a bit pricey but it’s a natural wonder and who can blame them for capitalizing on one of nature’s marvels. If you haven’t seen one million tons of water going over the falls every minute, then you’re in for a big treat. Read more here Travel Guide

The Smoke that ThundersThe Falls

The Zambezi River, a natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, reaches the falls and the whole river slows sown and widens. Then it meets the the drop, which are the falls. One mile of cascading water, millions of tons crashes over hundred feet into the ravine below. Then gushes and churns at an incredible rate, on it’s journey east into the Indian ocean.

The noise of the fails adds to the splendor to one of nature’s true wonders. Highly recommended if you want to venture somewhere different.

Our Shona SculptureVictoria Falls Shona Sculpture

As well as the falls, something else we feel in love with was Shona Sculpture. The Shona are the main tribe that live in Zimbabwe. And a week as being very nice, courteous people, always ready to help. They’re also very adept at carving stone sculpture.

We had one shipped back to the USA but you can get these now in the USA, like the ones shown here Shona Sculpture They make splendid focal points either inside or outside the house.