Eight Person Tents

lokking out of an eight man tentCamping Trip

Spent a wonderful week with my family of five and our two dogs, Pipa and Shep, out in the woods by a lake with a backdrop of mountains and blue skies. They were clear blue skies most mornings but sometimes there’d be gentle mist softening all the sounds, obscuring all the natural features but thankfully it soon cleared as the morning wore on.

On these misty mornings, it was cold and slightly damp. Which is why, when camping, it’s always wise to bring warm gear, thermals, etc. Here’s a site that will help you pack the right stuff for your trip keep warm camping

8 man tent at nightBig Tents

Just a important is your tent. Buying a five man tent for a party of five just ain’t big enough. That’s why we went big, an eight man tent was perfect for us. Plenty of room for all of us and the dogs, which slept in the porch area. But most important, was the extra storage space you get by having s bigger tent. We got ours from here best eight person tent They specialized in big tents.

Modern tents are designed to be assembled quickly and it’s was no exception. But a large tent does need a minimum of two people. Luckily I have two teenage sons, one twelve and one fourteen. Both are as strong as oxes and eat like oxes as well, but that’s another story.

Within 35 minutes the tent was up and secured. Taking down is as easy and modern tent designers have added very useful features to help to pack then away in as small a space as possible.

Bigger tents have zippable rooms, which means you can open during the day and close at night for a bit more privacy. Our tent had three rooms one for the boys, one for my daughter and our bags and one for my wife and I.

Being double walled kept the dampness out and made it very cosy inside.

Lessons learnt; get a tent at least two or three people bigger than the size of you camping party. That way you won’t be treating over each other and getting in each other’s way.