Shona Sculpture from Victoria Falls

Victoria FallsNatural Wonder

On a trip to Zimbabwe, recently, to see the great Victoria Falls in the middle of the African jungle. We fell in love. Not with each other, we were already in love.

Victoria Falls town is beautiful, lovely friendly people, gorgeous hotels. Not a bit like the one might imagine. Victoria Falls now has it’s own international airport, just opened, and that’s how we first arrived.

Victoria Falls HotelVictoia Falls Hotel

As this was a special anniversary we stayed at the Victoria Falls hotel an old world, Victorian hotel beautifully preserved which transports you back in time to the old British Empire days. And as it was probably the first hotel to be built it has the most spectacular views. The falls can’t actually be seen but the spray from the millions of tons of water going over it looks like smoke from a magical fire, that never goes out.

Victoria Falls is a bit pricey but it’s a natural wonder and who can blame them for capitalizing on one of nature’s marvels. If you haven’t seen one million tons of water going over the falls every minute, then you’re in for a big treat. Read more here Travel Guide

The Smoke that ThundersThe Falls

The Zambezi River, a natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, reaches the falls and the whole river slows sown and widens. Then it meets the the drop, which are the falls. One mile of cascading water, millions of tons crashes over hundred feet into the ravine below. Then gushes and churns at an incredible rate, on it’s journey east into the Indian ocean.

The noise of the fails adds to the splendor to one of nature’s true wonders. Highly recommended if you want to venture somewhere different.

Our Shona SculptureVictoria Falls Shona Sculpture

As well as the falls, something else we feel in love with was Shona Sculpture. The Shona are the main tribe that live in Zimbabwe. And a week as being very nice, courteous people, always ready to help. They’re also very adept at carving stone sculpture.

We had one shipped back to the USA but you can get these now in the USA, like the ones shown here Shona Sculpture They make splendid focal points either inside or outside the house.

Eight Person Tents

lokking out of an eight man tentCamping Trip

Spent a wonderful week with my family of five and our two dogs, Pipa and Shep, out in the woods by a lake with a backdrop of mountains and blue skies. They were clear blue skies most mornings but sometimes there’d be gentle mist softening all the sounds, obscuring all the natural features but thankfully it soon cleared as the morning wore on.

On these misty mornings, it was cold and slightly damp. Which is why, when camping, it’s always wise to bring warm gear, thermals, etc. Here’s a site that will help you pack the right stuff for your trip keep warm camping

8 man tent at nightBig Tents

Just a important is your tent. Buying a five man tent for a party of five just ain’t big enough. That’s why we went big, an eight man tent was perfect for us. Plenty of room for all of us and the dogs, which slept in the porch area. But most important, was the extra storage space you get by having s bigger tent. We got ours from here best eight person tent They specialized in big tents.

Modern tents are designed to be assembled quickly and it’s was no exception. But a large tent does need a minimum of two people. Luckily I have two teenage sons, one twelve and one fourteen. Both are as strong as oxes and eat like oxes as well, but that’s another story.

Within 35 minutes the tent was up and secured. Taking down is as easy and modern tent designers have added very useful features to help to pack then away in as small a space as possible.

Bigger tents have zippable rooms, which means you can open during the day and close at night for a bit more privacy. Our tent had three rooms one for the boys, one for my daughter and our bags and one for my wife and I.

Being double walled kept the dampness out and made it very cosy inside.

Lessons learnt; get a tent at least two or three people bigger than the size of you camping party. That way you won’t be treating over each other and getting in each other’s way.

Wireless Charging for the iphone

Why we love our phoneslightning cable for iphone

We all love our phones, where would we be without them. Years ago they were considered a luxury item but not anymore. And as the years go by they become even more crucial to our day to day lives.

As the screen size has increased and gotten better, so the need for other devices such as home PCs and tablets has diminished.

Cloud services too, where all your data is stored somewhere on the internet, have made the phone less of a risk because your personal data is not stored on it. Losing your cell phone is not as traumatic as it used to be. Your data is stored safely and instant available, whether you happen to be.

Of course the cloud brings it’s only security risks and hacking issues. But the security aspect gets better all the time and I would expect this to get even better as time goes by.

All phone models now are just so good it’s getting hard to justify buying a new model just to upgrade from the previous model. The costs are high and the benefits quite small.

Either wait for the second or third generation from your current model or until your phone is wearing out or damaged in some way.

The iphone needs a wireless charger

Features we really like on the current phones are cameras, which are just so good these days. Wireless charging, not available on the iPhone but you rectify that by going to this site And waterproof features, can’t quite go scuba diving with one of these but dropping the phone into a bucket of water is no longer a problem.

So what of the future? How will manufacturers tempt us to part with the best part of $1000 for the latest model. It gets harder and harder and Chinese manufactures are not far behind the leaders but at much lower

5G network connectivity diagramThe 5G revolution

Well 5g is coming soon and it’s going to be a seismic change, on the network front. 5g promises to be an order of magnitude above the current network offerings. Extremely fast downloads and no waiting for things. Want to watch a video? Just hit play and it starts streaming immediately, no delays.

But incredibly the number of devices 5g can handle simultaneously, compared to the current 4g network is immense, one million devices per square mile.

This sort of network technology will make the driverless car more of a reality. Future cars will contain phone Sims and talk to each other as they travel along. Knowing instantly what others cars are about to do. All this will make traveling by road much safer as well but this is for the future. But it’s coming

Read all about 5g here

Water Softeners for the Home

Domestic Water Softener DeviceWater Softeners

Water is something we use every day around the house. It’s always there and we tend to take it for granted. Water is probably one of the most important natural resources we have and use in our daily lives.

Our houses, our apartments will usually have an already installed water supply. Turn on the tap, it works, rarely goes wrong. In fact we only notice it when something does go wrong but thankfully that’s not too often.

One of the problems with water, in many states, is the water quality. And by water quality we mean hard water, most of the county’s water is hard and we all know the problems with hard water?

tap caked in limescaleHard Water

Hard water is just a natural consequence of its journey before it gets to us. As it travels underground, along porous rocks, it picks up salts of mainly those containing calcium and magnesium. It’s these dissolved salts that make our water hard.

Where we notice it most is in the white deposits that build up around taps, in kettles. Eventually taps seize up as the limescale works its way into the threaded portion and locks the tap into position, like glue. The problem is worse with hot water as the salts leach out of the water more readily. But the same thing happens with cold water as well.

mixer tap in pristene conditionSoft Water

Contrast this to soft water. Soft water, by contrast feels wetter and feels much better against our skin, it’s better for our skin too. When you wash with soft water, the water lathers easier, so you use less soap, less cleaning products. So ultimately, it’s cheaper for you.

But best of all, no more limescale. Which means no more unsightly limescale deposits. And no more products and treatments, to clean and keep the limescale at bay.

That’s great but what if you live in a hard water area? Well there’s hope. Products are available that treat the water as the supply enters the building. This means the water that enters your house is hard but the water that’s in your house is soft.

These devices are quite small and so can be installed discreetly. You can find a great range here at Think of these products as an investment. They’ll pay you back in the long term by not having blocked pipes or unusable taps.

Here’s a link that goes into the differences between software water and hard water in more detail Link

Soft water and Health compares the health benefits of using soft water and what to look out for.

Hi There

Caribbean Cruise Liner
Caribbean Cruise Liner

Welcome to our new blog. This site includes lots of tips and articles on holidays, clothes and fashion. In fact anything to do with having a good time. As time goes by we’ll add more and more content, that’s both fresh and relevant, to help you have a good time along with us.

We love to travel and whether it’s just in the states, south America or further afield to Europe and Asia, there’s limitless places to see and people and cultures to experience. Not forgetting fine dining, night clubs, casinos and just having a good time. And why not? we all work hard and taking time out for ourselves is both beneficial and therapeutic. A real tonic to the spirit.

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving are great times to see family and friends and to have fun. The parties are best around Christmas and New Year and we love to party. And what about the good old barbecue? Great fun and great places to meet new people in a lovely relaxed environment.

Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall

If you live in one of our great cities? Then there’s bars and clubs, restaurants and diners, bowling and golf clubs, sports clubs and singing groups, theaters and movie houses. Wow, a never ending set of possibilities.

Let’s not forget shopping malls. Our shopping malls are the best in the world and every city in the states has one. They’re great for just spending a day browsing but we never just browse, we’ll always end up buying something really useful. They’re great for the spirit as well as they keep work by stimulating all our senses. But they’re also great exercise as you meander through all the stores on foot – we exercise as we walk and look around.

We’re very pleased to be bringing you all this good stuff and when we think we’ve found a bargain, we’ll let you know. So bookmark our page, come back from time to time to see what we’ve found. You never know, it might really excite you.

I’ll leave you with this light hearted look on how ro behave like a gentleman at a partyGo check it out